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The Crazy Life

The Crazy Life Podcast is hosted by Gen, Bryan and Henno. They discuss various mental health issues, articles, how they have experienced the topic, and tips that may help others with their struggle.

Disclaimer: Bryan, Gen and Henno are not trained professionals. They are three people sharing experiences and opinions. This show should not be seen as a treatment, or replacement for therapy. If you need help, please seek out a medical professional.

Jul 11, 2016

In this episode, Gen, Bryan and Henno talk about what happened in their lives this week, including Gen's crazy and emotional week, Bryan being of service to others, and Henno returning to his men's group. The main topic for this week is jealousy, and they talk about some tips on how to handle the emotions, and some ways to reduce the emotions around jealousy, so that you can reframe the situation and stay objective. Bryan also recommends a couple of podcasts at the end that had stories about mental health topics in them. Enjoy! Please subscribe and share!
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Intro Music is "Life Sux" by Henno